Heat-sealed cloth bags. Large Quantity

The Heat-sealed cloth bags are the product of the Krocs Line of Sbags. Our products meet the highest demands of our customers, such as: DISPEVI, at a price that will surely surprise you . You can consult Clients who trust us. Do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp, telephone, mail or form in order to answer any questions you may have.

Environmental impact

Are you concerned about the environmental impact on our planet? Our bag factory is committed to be the most environmentally friendly one. Therefore, our bags, and in this case our Krocs line, is made of sustainable woven complying with the most demanding environmental regulations and certificates, so guaranteeing our commitment and doing our bit. The woven non woven, personalized, heat-sealed Krocs line of bags is an eco-friendly line made with 100% recyclable-reusable materials helping to protect our planet but also very tough bags of an enviable quality. Check our offer for a mínimum amount of 5,000 units and you will see our exclusive price sustainability. Sbags is your high quality bag factory.

Heat-sealed cloth bags. Alternatives

If your need in terms of the number of bags is smaller, go to the link: Customized and Heat-sealed Bags. Low Quantity .

Additionally, it is possible that you want your personalized and heat-sealed bags to be laminated, you can consult Laminated and Heat-sealed Bags. Low Quantity. Or with Laminated and Heat-sealed Bags. Large Quantity.

REduce-REcycle-REuse with Sbags.

Color: red 
Format: 25x9x22 
Handle: short 
Unit price: from € 0.29

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Quantity: 5.000


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