Customized and heat-sealed bags. Small Quantity

Our Customized and heat-sealed bags include base and side bellows. They are 80-grams  quality bags and are currently available in two background colors: black and cream. The sustainable woven with which we manufacture our product and the water-based inks we use to print are rigorously respectful to the environment. This way we ensure our customers that we have control of the sustainable process development from manufacturing to delivery of our product. Thus transmitting that peace of mind that gives our customers, the knowledge that we have control of the entire process of making the product until delivery of the goods. The satisfaction of our clients, such as VITALDENT, is our main objective.

WNW cloth and heat-sealed

Sbags bags are made with WNW (Woven Non-Woven) cloth, which consists of a cloth based on synthetic fibers of Polypropylene. The joining of the joints is done by heat sealing, this technique joins the pieces of woven through temperature. Providing a product of excellent quality and finish. It’s the Krocs line from Sbags.

Plates and free delivery

Bet on innovation of sustainable eco-friendly bags, doing the best of your marketing and take advantage of our offer of PLATES AND FREE DELIVERY service in all our products.

If you want to order more than 3,000 units you can access the page Customized and Heat-sealed Large Quantity Bags.

Sbags markets another line of products: Premium Line, consisting of personalized, heat-sealed and laminated bags. You can access these products through the link Laminated and Heat-sealed Fabric Bags, Small Quantity. Or through Laminated and Heat-Sealed Cloth Bags, Large Quantity.

REduce-REcycle-REuse with Sbags.

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Color: black 
Format: 25x9x22 
Handle: 40cm long by 3cm wide 

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