Laminated customized cloth bags. Small Quantity

Our Laminated customized cloth bags are heat-sealed bags, which constitute the highest quality product of our company. Made with Woven Non-Woven cloth (WNW), based on fibers from Polypropylene that provide great resistance. They are heat-sealed and have a protective foil essential characteristic of our Premium line.

The main thing is our clients

Customer’s satisfaction, such as YOSOY Fashion Store, are our best advertisement. The customization of the bags is carried out by means of the Serigraphic Technique. You provide us with the logo and we make the engraving (screen printing) used for logo printing.


We have seven full cover colors with gusset at the base and sides for our Premium line of woven non woven, laminated, heat-sealed customized bags. Appart from being made with 100% recyclable materials to take care of our planet and be sustainable this product is waterproof, very tough and it has a higher grammage quality, thanks to its 100 and 120 grams thick for both small and large sizes. Innovate, monetize and invest in your trademark for your business with our sustainable and eco-friendly bags. Take advantage of our plates and free delivery service deal in all our range of products. We are manufacturers and direct importers with which our prices are the cheapest, and without competition in the market.


For orders of 3,000 units or more we advise you to go to the link Laminated WNW Cloth Bags and Heat-sealed Large Quantity. Additionally you can check if the Krocs line from Sbags satisfies your demands with custom heat-sealed bags. To do this, access the links Large Quantity Krocs Line Bags or Krocs Line Bags Small Quantity . If you have any questions, get in touch with Sbags, through WhatsApp, mail, telephone or form.

REduce-REcycle-REuse with Sbags.

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Color: black 
Format: 30x10x25 
Handle: 40 cm long by 3 cm wide 

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